From Aspen to Hawaii a flurry of Australian and New Zealand Instagrammers told us where they love to go on holidays and shared creative photos with their hands making the heart shape during our summer snaps competition we’ve affectionately named #JRLoveHolidays.

There were many notable entries so here is an overview of the most inspiring summer snaps.

1/ Our Week 1 winner Jess received an incredible 4087 likes and deservedly so, she noted that her dream was to travel the world and next on her list was Japan. Her Instagram photo of the fairground Ferris wheel entry certainly has dream like quality to it and made us think of those vintage childhood holidays.


2/ Perth Makeup artist Christina was the week 2 winner of our #JRLoveHolidays competition and had us all falling in love again. She shared a romantic wedding rings and ribbon photo on a Tiffany eggshell blue background, stating Bali as one of her favourite places on earth. Her photo won the hearts of 457 other Instagrammers, as she reminded us that love and travel go hand in hand.


3/ Craig entered our competition in the first week, see point 7/ and then a second time in week 3 of the contest. His persistence paid off as his Hawaii photo received a staggering 4899 likes, making him our final winner. The focus of the rolling hills inside the heart shape is a great touch to the photo and just highlights the idyllic paradise nature of Hawaii.


4/Andra and Richey are pursuing their dreams of travelling the world.  In their photo, the view of the city skyline and boats fits perfectly in the hand heart shape; and I am sure you will agree that it is one of the most picturesque of all the Summer Snap entries.


5/Anna’s photo captures the sunset in Thailand beautifully


6/ A creative evening shot of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge by Pierre Lattouf l reminded us there is no place like home.


7/Craig loves Sydney too; he includes the Sydney Tower in his photo:


8/ Anth & James love to holiday in Aspen and there is a classic feel to their photo:


9/ A very bold photo from Kristy who loves holidays at the mount:


10/ Ryville took a different approach with her road trip entry:


11/GT loves the beach and put forward this simple photo:


12/ There is an arty style to Ashleigh Jarra’s shadow picture:


We wanted to thank all those who have entered and congratulate the winners, Jess @thegirlwhobites, Christina @theodorusmakeup and Craig @cnwillo who received the most likes in their week of entry.  Each winner is awarded $800 Gift Card and will enjoy a shopping spree in our stores when next the are travelling overseas.

P.S. We were delighted by the response from week 2 winner Christina who has never shopped at Duty Free before. She says that winning felt like Christmas morning and that she plans to spend her voucher on a watch, a memory card and lots of makeup.



Since it’s sale to Facebook for $1 billion dollars in cash and stock, Instagram has become the biggest social sharing platform for photos and become an outright social network for those who like to perv. Instagram was initially referred to as ‘voyeuristic folly’ by cynics in it’s early phases of popularity, but has come into its own maturity as a marketing channel for brands to connect with their advocates, influencers and employees and provide meaningful insight into the minds of customers.

This is an image of heart making hands - the required entry action for this Instagram #JRLoveHolidays activation created by Mighty Media Group.

Embracing social media marketing, JR/DutyFree launched it’s first full scale photo competition on English and Chinese social sharing platforms Instagram and Weibo offering travellers a weekly chance to win an $800 voucher as Australians and Chinese travellers continue share their travel photos en masse. Instragram  is increasingly popular with Aussies, boasting over 1.8 million active users who post monthly locally and doing their fair share of contributing to 40 million photos per day globally. SINA WEIBO (the Chinese hybrid of Twitter and Facebook with photo-sharing attributes) now boasts 60.2 million daily active users.

As the temperatures rise in the Southern hemisphere now is the ideal time to launch a holiday centric photo competition as according to a study by Datification, #summer ranks eighth most popular hashtag on Instagram used 1,186,278 times by Australians. More aligned to a business goal of the travel retailer (revenue), Australians have a propensity to holiday abroad taking a record 8 million overseas trips in 2012, an overall increase of 8 per cent on the previous financial year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to popular one stop destinations like Phuket, Bali, Fiji and New Zealand. This campaign facilitates JR/DutyFree with getting closer to those fans with a propensity and stated intention to travel overseas.

Currated around the web by the hashtag #JRLoveHolidays, the Melbourne based dutyfree retailer @JRDutyFree on Instagram will be rewarding Instagram and Weibo users for their creativity and answering one question – “What place do you love to go to for holidays?” and the sharing of a gesture of endearment – the hands making the heart sign. The winning entry is judged weekly and community selected based on LIKES. The prize — an $800 store voucher to be redeemed at JR Duty Free stores in Australia, New Zealand or online.

“We know that Instagram and Weibo users are passionate about travel with #Australia being used over 1.4m times on the platform according to a study prepared by Datification and this competition will answer the question international or domestic as the most cherished destination for vacation,” explains Ashley Thompson, Director of Marketing for JR/DutyFree.