80 Rules of Social Media You Need to Heed

This is the 80 Rules of Social Media placed by Mighty Media Group

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Social media marketing is evolving. In 2009, there were no rules, just experiments. In 2013, Jeremy Waite published his list of 80 Rules of Social Media that we thought was pretty damn clever.  Social media marketing gets brought up in every meeting I have these days and last week was no exception as we launched new client relationships and projects in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.  As more B2B and professional service companies lean in to the digital divide it’s now more exciting than every to lead the way in convergent marketing strategies and digital sales enabling.

It’s no surprise that every client we work with wants to deliver better online communication that is going to rock the socks off their online visitor, friend, or fan and convert them into leads and ultimately customers. Social media marketing is not silver bullet, but incorporated in a holistic digital approach has significant and lasting benefits that have been proven time and time again. We know you love conversations and feel they are necessary, but what you really want are customers and commerce. (We do too, hence why we iterate business goals and ROI in every meeting!)

Whilst culling through my morning inbox, I somehow stumbled upon this infographic by UK Marketer Jeremy Waite and I HAD to share it. Titled “80 Rules of Social Media”, it’s a pin board of top tips from one of my favourite authors. It made my day and I hope you will snicker, laugh and grin and rethink your marketing with the help of this little gem!

80 Rules of Social Media by Jeremy Waite infographic that appears on Mighty Media Group website




Now that social media marketing is finally being integrated into traditional mixes, we’d like to give you as much thought leadership as we can on the topic and nothing quite tops it like this one does! Which one of these 80 Rules of Social Media Marketing have you broken?

About the Author

Stephenie RodriguezStephenie Rodriguez founded Mighty Media Group, a leading data-driven digital, mobile and social marketing strategy and solutions firm, in 2004 and is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer. She is also the former publisher of Ocean Drive Magazine (Australia), a speaker and futurist on all aspects of social technology, an evangelist of engagement,  and has advised companies including SSP – The Food Travel Experts, Austereo, JR/DutyFree, Radar Group of Companies, Transfield, Allied Mills, ClubMed, AIATSIS, Income Solutions, Bayer (Berocca), Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and the UN FAO. You’re likely to find her Tweeting here @digitalgodess or present at events such as #SXSWi, #TFWA, #Tedx and #SocialBiz.


  1. Another great article, thanks guys. I really wish I had the ability to emulate some of the great stuff you put out on a regular basis.
    As for social media is it not the case that being genuine is absolutely key. After all it seems to be almost impossible to predict how a group or community will react to a given campaign but everyone tends to appreciate truth, even if it is brutal, over sycophantic or patronizing behaviour.

    • Hi Rory – Thanks for the comment. I think we are in fact reading from the same primer. We can’t take credit for this work of the 80 Rules – it belongs to a great person named Jeremy Waite from the UK — he is a well renown author and though leader whose work inspires us. Thanks again for sharing this . – @Digitalgodess


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