Travel Retail and M-Commerce

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M-Commerce – What’s all the hype? M-Commerce and Digital innovation are the two most widely debated topics in travel retail.   “To App or Not to App?” seems to be the question, but those most vocal in the conversation are the app developers who have the most to gain by evangelizing the perceived necessity of costly mobile applications. The belief that applications are a requisite for a successful m-commerce strategy were once true but today, in 2016, is becoming less and less substantiated. Technology has advanced and the proclamation that mobile applications are a necessity to drive m-commerce is now a mere myth.


Innovators Upfront: Meet Vedha Nayak, Visual Design Expert

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Vedha Nayak is Mighty Media Group‘s Senior Graphic Design chief and drives much of our visual creative. Vedha has worked on a number of  design projects including acting as Senior Visual Creative on Global Insider – our most recent digital publication for Oakwood Asia Pacific Hotels, and countless projects with JR/DutyFree. With the recent achievement of her Masters in Design in Digital Media, we’ve decided ask this innovator a few questions about visual and digital display and what the future holds for marketers.   1. What are the biggest fundamental shifts in design over the past five years (or since you have been seriously studying?) VN: The fundamental shifts in design in last five years has two components. Firstly, the platform shift. Instead of the web as the p ...


FAB2014: Innovations in Digital, Mobile and Social Media

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As a speaker I am fortunate to address audiences all over the world from various backgrounds on innovation and the impact of disruptive technology. One of my favourite verticals is travel, and a subset of travel is airport retail and catering. I was fortunate to be invited to speak at the #FAB2014 (Food & Beverage Conference) when over 100 of the world’s top airport management teams, travel food & beverage operators and service suppliers converged in Copenhagen, Denmark. No only were there awards to be given at a distinguished gala dinner hosted by SSP – The Food Travel Experts, but two jam-packed days of thought leadership on the changing landscape of travel food & beverage with this debate curated by Martin Moodie of The Moodie Report and his brilliant team. My pr ...


How to BulletProof Your Innovation Strategy

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Innovation strategy dictates that a good idea is not merely enough to succeed in today’s fast moving world. Innovation is defined as “the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will reward either commercially or in their loyalty. More and more I see companies resourcing the role of Chief Innovation Officer and from the top down, insisting their business continually improve yet the ability to get an idea off the ground is still sandbagged and stifled within the onion layers of organisations. It’s time to review your approach to innovation strategy planning and execution if you want to champion transformational change in your business.   In 2006, I devoured Curtis R. Carlson and William W. WilmotR ...


Three Ways Millennial Travellers Are Disrupting the Travel Industry


The next generation of travellers — millennials who are now between 16 and 34 years old – bring with them a set of expectations that are shaking up the travel industry, and frankly, its about time. These travellers are not only smart device laden and social media savvy, they view travel through completely different lens. They don’t seek destinations, they seek experiences. According to recent report The Luxury Traveller & Social Media 2014, young Asians rate hotels on how Instagram-able they are, and this is just the beginning of a paradigm shift of both expectations and service levels requirements. It is no wonder that these group whom are travelling now for both business and pleasure want instant gratification, accuracy and control over their bookings and they want ...