A Lesson from Steve Jobs and an invite to Lithium’s Likes to Love Sydney Meetup


Steve Jobs was truly one of the most brilliant men of our time. As we celebrate and remember him we also reflect on some of the wonderful inspiration points he left us with. Steve Jobs once said “There’s a phrase in Buddhism, ‘Beginner’s mind.’ It’s wonderful to have a beginner’s mind.” As a strategist, I often work with companies that are at the beginning of their understanding of communities and the significance the community plays in a post GFC economy where marketing resources are scarce and creativity is now a necessary job skill for any marketer. There are no more safe little squares or boxes. Consumers are anywhere and everywhere, and now more than ever we need to approach this now developed digital communication ecosystem with eyes filled with wonder and curious innocence. Steve’s ...


Review: Connect Now Conference (@luciesydney)


I was an attendee the Connect Now conference last week, Sydney April 7th to 9th and I really wanted to share my feelings about it as it has completely changed my perception of social network. I knew from the day I signed up on Facebook that it will changed my web habits but I couldn’t even imagine that it will get THIS impact on business and this “control” on my everyday life. It becomes difficult for me to be far from Internet for more than 2 days; otherwise, I feel that I’m missing something. Following the tips of Darren Rowse (aka @problogger) – “You are what you blog: be natural” – a memory just pop up to my mind when I’m thinking about communication in his vast meaning. It remembered me last July when I was in Indonesia, working as a volunteer in a small village, far from everything ( ...


Vodka School – What Is The Story?


The best stories are those that come from an authentic place. As part of a discovery, we created a passion project titled Vodka School where we took an entertaining and light-hearted approach to all things Vodka from destinations to flavor profiles and packaging. Episode 1 was a basic introduction to Vodka, it’s origins, best practice for tasting and some insight on temperatures. It was shot just in our office. The video content has sadly been removed. Episode 2 was filmed on location at the Caviar House at Sydney International Airport on location with two cameras and an iPhone (rather low tech.) but demonstrates the improve ease that consumers can become v Episode 3 was also filmed at the Caviar House. This is a spontaneous consumer study of  customer feedback on the Caviar House menu as ...