My Three Key Inspirations From SXSW Interactive 2014


  The SXSW Interactive experience is never a disappointment. I love all the keynotes, tech talks and events. There is no single greater place to go as a digital marketer if you want to watch marketers talk to marketers. Think about that one for a moment, then respect the challenge. If you were to ask me why I make a journey thousands of miles, at a huge cost that I front as a business, I’d explain that I go to be inspired and then let the future unravel. Australia is a long way away from the Silicone Valley, Alley or where ever, and we are often removed from the trickle effect and impact moments when trends emerge merely due to the fact that we are upside down in time and season. Moving beyond my thoughts on Lady Gaga  whilst the suitcase still needs unpacking and my feet are st ...


Three Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Lady Gaga


Today Lady Gaga gave an intimate interview at SXSW (South By Southwest) Music Festival in Austin Texas. She candidly dished the dirt about her performance last night and whilst I was not there to witness first hand, apparently included a mechanical pig, and being vomited on by a performance artist. Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea as it relates to her choice of performance art, she certainly had much to say today about her past, her fans and her ethos as an artist that we marketers can take note of. Lesson 1:  “Don’t Sell Out – Sell In!” – Lady Gaga When Lady Gaga said this today, it hit home. She proceeded to articulate that in her career, she was often told her show was ‘too gay’. She took this as a compliment because a strong core of her f ...


Social Media Metrics – Five Data Points Every marketer should measure


So you have setup some social channels for your business: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You have spent time posting, tweeting, responding to questions, following fans and engaging with your advocates. But how is it all going? If you are engaging in social media than you should be measuring your activities. There are so many metrics and so much data available. If you look at the Facebook insights for example – it alone has over 1700 columns of data ranging from your daily likes to post reach to comments and click. All this data and so little time! More data does not necessarily equal better understanding – it just means more options – which can be a good thing. However the key to understanding how your social success is coming along is to line up the metrics that best suit your social ob ...


Social Media Strategy – Where to Begin

This image demonstrates content marketing on

So your organisation has realised they need to prepare a social media strategy. You are not alone. Many companies continue to struggle with the success and increasing dominance of social media and are now realising this is not a passing fad but actually something they need to integrate into their marketing mix. There are some companies that do not know how to begin, and others who may have been using social media for some time in various forms, who still do not know how to define its success for them. The best way to ensure social media success is to develop a strategy that defines clear goals and objectives, and has the ability and processes executed to measure success. But how and where do you begin? There is far too much for me to cover in detail in this blog, however I can go through t ...


Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 6 Innovation


Innovation is a key ingredient to the longevity of a successful company. Times change, people’s behaviour changes, our needs and desires also change, and innovation is the answer to keeping fresh and having products and services that will be in demand. Without innovation, products become stale and obsolete, and the demand for your products and service deteriorates. Social media can play a solid part in assisting you remain on trend by listening to feedback and ideas from the social web.  There is genuine opportunity in social data, enough to make social listening a permanent part in your company’s innovation strategy. The goal here is to listen using social analytics tools such as Nuvi, and listen and respond to product and client feedback, which will contribute to your product and/o ...