Blue Note: a Social Media Pop, Quaff & Share #ChampagneDay2011


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Recently I had the privilege of participating in a notable social media iteration that demonstrated effective one-line strategy in the fine food and beverage sector – Champagne Day 2011 (#champagneday2011 and #champagneday).

On Friday, October 28, 2011 Twitter’s foremost champagne authority in the Southern Hemisphere, Jayne Powell (@champagnejayne) kicked off Global Champagne Day 2011 combining a physical happening into a digital event.  Although not a direct affiliate of any brand or champagne regulatory body, Jayne exhibits what the author Tara Hunt refers to as “whuffie” – she is nice, notable and networked as a trusted authority. She has also recently authored a beautiful coffee table book on her subject of passion titled Champagnes – Behind the Bubbles.

Around this virtual event/happening day, Jayne created a remarkable, intimate and exclusive experience in Sydney as the sun rose in other parts of the world. She hosted a small blended attendee list consisting of authorities and experts, taste-makers and tummlers at the American Club. (Getting the right mix of attendees is a critical part of event marketing in both online and off line executions. Taste-makers are those who actively influence others on a particular topic like fashion because of what they do and tummlers are those unique individuals who have an uncanny ability to connect and engage their audience on a number of topics just because of who they are.)

Seated with the every amicable @NancyGeorges we experienced a champagne tasting of an exquisite range of fine champagnes including notable drops Champagne Pierre Gimonnet Blanc de Blancs, a lovely Champagne Tattinger Brut Reserve, the Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve, Champagne Pommery Cuvee Louise, and finished the day with the “Mac Daddy” of packaging Armand de Brignac. We listened, we tasted, and we shared. (Note: Whilst the social element of face to face connectivity was present ‘shared’ translates that we tweeted, photographed, and took video footage that was published into our respective social graphs.)

This in real life event generated a wave of social media mentions on the day and connected each attendee with an online champagne-centric community by effective use of #hashtags as well as created some interesting rich media content (social articles like pictures, videos and tweets) that captured the moment and left yet to be discovered in traditional Google and YouTube searches in perpetuity. (Organic SEO at it’s best!)

The results…see for yourself.

#ChampagneDay 2011 Thank You from vintuba on Vimeo.

Three Points to Ponder:

  • What is happening in your business world that could be leveraged with other partners around the world?
  • If you participated in an event like this one for your business, how would you effectively track online interactions – do you have the tools?
  • How could you use a groundswell event such as this one to benefit your business, product or service consistently over time – do you have a strategy?