Brian Solis: King of Customer Experience


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Customer Experience, human-centric design, and digital Darwinism are no longer vocabulary words for those who are gazing at the innovation horizon.

Today a CEO of a manufacturing company sent me a link to this video in an email. The subject just said this: “Hey Steph – I Get It.”
My friend Brian Solis @BrianSolis (author of Engage – a must read for marketers and forward thinkers) sheds some light on the important role the Digital Sociologist plays in what I refer to as “social marketing architecture“, and most recently X – The Experience Where Business Meets Design, really sheds some light on how brands must create meaningful experiences in every moment of truth.


This little post is for all those people who struggle to understand the importance recognizing the “social consumer” and the necessity of the Digital Sociologist in the ideation, planning, development and execution of new media engagement strategies. It is simply not enough to throw up a brand Fan page on Facebook and never consider what your customer wants from you.

Driving connection through a bought audience using competitions and contests does serve to list build and nudge the brand mention figures in analytic reporting, drive a few impressions, etc. but at the end of the day you gotta ask:

“Where is the love?”

A transactional relationship sans a meaningful experience is precisely that. Empty. Devoid of emotion, loyalty and deep connection. Customer Experience should be feeding insights into products, service deliveries and so many other facets of innovation across an enterprise.


With so many opportunities in the social web to foster rich meaning through conversations and connections just being present or visible isn’t merely enough. The brand story has to be unique, authentic and relate-able. The value of remarkable social articles (the kinds of things that people seek, discover and voluntarily share to their streams) trumps fancy brand badges that bear no lovemark value.
If I wouldn’t tattoo a brand name on my ass it is highly unlikely that I will utter that brand’s name in my sleep. In the digital landscape, I see Inception beginning at the conversational level and happening because those engaged are driving discussions. But at the coal face of a transaction, how do you want your customer to feel?
What do you think?

Got an example of great customer experience? Share it in the comments.

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