This is an image for Digital Strategy that appears on the Mighty Media Group website. Mighty MEdia Group is an end to end bespoke digital agency.

Every wished you could see the answers that big data now affords you? We create beautiful business intelligence dashboards with our partners at Keboola and Good Data to help you “see” better.

With social media creating a treasure trove on consumer sentiment and behaviour, we now help our clients visual data and find answers to complex business problems.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions:

  • What is my customer life cycle?
  • What was the last consumer interaction before churn?
  • What single activity in marketing is delivering the greatest commercial benefit?
  • What is my revenue per square meter and what is it that makes that square so fantastic?
  • Is there a correlation between my online and retail environments? If so, to what degree?

Our team of data scientists and analysts can help you answer these questions and many others and create stunning and insightful dashboards that can be used across the business to give real time insights and allow you to make more agile decisions.

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