B2B Marketing on Facebook – Why You DON’T Need a Strategy

  If you are wondering as an organisation about B2B marketing on Facebook and asked yourself whether you need a strategy, you should watch this video. In a recent v-blog, our CEO Stephenie Rodriguez shares her response to the commonly asked questions, “Do I need a Facebook Strategy?”   It is no surprise that B2B… Continue reading


A Strategic Approach To Facebook Marketing for B2B Brands

this is a photo of a young woman looking at profile images. I

I am often asked the question about whether marketing on Facebook is a necessary or appropriate channel for B2B brands and companies to include in their marketing mix.


Three B2B Content Marketing Trends You Needs to Watch!


  Digital is finally getting its due and the competition in the B2B sector has never been more fierce. B2B Content Marketing managers are scrambling to retain eyeballs and mind share in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. In addition, business consumers are becoming much more savvy and demanding more from companies than the same old tired marketing… Continue reading


Five Ways Twitter Can Fuel B2B Marketing Engines!

Twitter campaigns are a dynamic way to engage with consumers in real time.

Every time I speak at a conference or conduct a CIMA workshop the topic of Twitter comes up and I get a boardroom’s worth of questions about the appropriate use of Twitter for B2B Marketing. Whilst the questions are typically related to use case, cadence and the compositions of tweets there are always one naysayer… Continue reading


Five Tips for Better B2B Content Marketing


Today we’re thrilled to launch our latest video infographic giving you 5 quick insights for improving your B2B content marketing activities. Welcome to MMG’s Five Tips to Better Inbound B2B Content Marketing Ever wish your brand could be as cool as NIKE or wish you could market your service organisation as good as ZAPPOS! They… Continue reading


How To Create Better B2B Content Marketing (5 Tips)

Every wonders how to be more effective at B2B content marketing? This post is for you.   This post if for anyone who wished their brand could be as cool as NIKE or wish they could market their customer service prowess as good as ZAPPOS! (Zappos sold their online shoe company for $1B dollars to… Continue reading


Top Tips on How to Manage B2B Content Marketing Writers Block


B2B Content Marketers have the challenge to create regular and meaningful stuff that will educate or inform their prospects and take them further down the sales funnel however the ability to spin their stories can sometimes be challenged for a plethora of reasons. Ever sat down to write an article that is powerful, meaningful and… Continue reading


Social Media a Hot Topic at the Trinity Forum (2012)


If you happen to have been in the Grand Hyatt in Seoul today, you were probably attending the Moodie Report’s premiere event – The Trinity Forum. Never heard of it? You probably wouldn’t unless you are in the C-suite of the three major stakeholders in the airport commercial business – landlords, retailers and brand owners. The Trinity… Continue reading