Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 5 Customer Experience


Social media is all about the ‘customer experience’. The better the experience the greater the success of your company. Social media’s impact on your customer is immediate, and when executed correctly will lead to additional benefits to your organisation such as brand health, better sentiment, cost savings and increased revenue. When setting up and managing… Continue reading


Get Inspired: Does Your Team Deliver Happiness?


MMG would like to tweet from the rooftops how delighted and honored we are to be a part of the ground breaking and inspiring movement in corporate culture that is sweeping the globe, Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness.” Due to the ingenious writings and methodology of this accomplished, admirable and spirited individual who heads up one of… Continue reading


Brian Solis: King of Customer Experience


Customer Experience, human-centric design, and digital Darwinism are no longer vocabulary words for those who are gazing at the innovation horizon. Today a CEO of a manufacturing company sent me a link to this video in an email. The subject just said this: “Hey Steph – I Get It.”   My friend Brian Solis @BrianSolis (author of Engage –… Continue reading


A Lesson from Steve Jobs and an invite to Lithium’s Likes to Love Sydney Meetup


Steve Jobs was truly one of the most brilliant men of our time. As we celebrate and remember him we also reflect on some of the wonderful inspiration points he left us with. Steve Jobs once said “There’s a phrase in Buddhism, ‘Beginner’s mind.’ It’s wonderful to have a beginner’s mind.” As a strategist, I… Continue reading