Three Ways Millennial Travellers Are Disrupting the Travel Industry


The next generation of travellers — millennials who are now between 16 and 34 years old – bring with them a set of expectations that are shaking up the travel industry, and frankly, its about time. These travellers are not only smart device laden and social media savvy, they view travel through completely different lens.… Continue reading


Three Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Lady Gaga


Today Lady Gaga gave an intimate interview at SXSW (South By Southwest) Music Festival in Austin Texas. She candidly dished the dirt about her performance last night and whilst I was not there to witness first hand, apparently included a mechanical pig, and being vomited on by a performance artist. Whilst not everyone’s cup of… Continue reading


Holiday Marketing Tips for Facebook

this image appears on and is attributed to © Subbotina Anna and purchased from Fotolia. Mighty media group are an inbound marketing agency specializing in Facebook marketing.

Tis the season to be jolly, and for retailers, time to make hay whilst the proverbial sun is shining. As the days of November count down to Hanukkah and Christmas gift buying is going to go into overdrive. If you don’t have a clear campaign for boosting online sales this holiday season, don’t fret, we… Continue reading


A Strategic Approach To Facebook Marketing for B2B Brands

this is a photo of a young woman looking at profile images. I

I am often asked the question about whether marketing on Facebook is a necessary or appropriate channel for B2B brands and companies to include in their marketing mix.


Five Ways Twitter Can Fuel B2B Marketing Engines!

Twitter campaigns are a dynamic way to engage with consumers in real time.

Every time I speak at a conference or conduct a CIMA workshop the topic of Twitter comes up and I get a boardroom’s worth of questions about the appropriate use of Twitter for B2B Marketing. Whilst the questions are typically related to use case, cadence and the compositions of tweets there are always one naysayer… Continue reading


Are Social Seniors The Hottest Opportunity for Marketers?


If you thought those folks playing on life’s “back nine” are not reachable through social media, think again as seniors are proliferating social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as the highest growth category in 2013. That t-shirt you saw in the mall that said “Your Granny’s on Facebook!” on that skater that made… Continue reading


Blue Note: a Social Media Pop, Quaff & Share #ChampagneDay2011


Recently I had the privilege of participating in a notable social media iteration that demonstrated effective one-line strategy in the fine food and beverage sector – Champagne Day 2011 (#champagneday2011 and #champagneday).