#LoveTravels Launched (We Say Thank You, Marriott!)

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It almost feels like I am in on a dirty secret, seeing the #LoveTravels video today after it was delivered by an online publication Skift that I exist to read. If you follow my check ins and Tweets, it is no secret that I travel — a lot,  and Mighty Media Group have worked with… Continue reading




Visual Storytelling – A picture is worth a thousand words…to me actually, it is more like a million. I was reading a brilliant book recently ‘The Power of Visual Storytelling’ by Ekaterina Walter which I received as a gift and was lucky enough to have signed to me by Ekaterina “Data + Visual + AWESOME”. It got… Continue reading


Three Keys To More Effective Online Sales Enablement


What do you think of when you hear the words “Sales Enablement“? It would be quite natural to think of the muscle and force that your good looking sales people dish out, quota numbers and number of leads in the pipeline. Companies who truly appreciate the power of the internet, search engines and authority are… Continue reading


From Conversation to Commerce: How to Move your Audience. Did Curiosity really kill the Cat?


Did curiosity really kill the cat?  If the ‘said’ cat is anything like the black bundle of purring fur sleeping on my mouse mat as I write this blog, then it is a no!  But like most cats, mine included, they dive into anything and everything, always looking out for the next ‘thing’ that moves.… Continue reading


Social Media Strategy – Where to Begin

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So your organisation has realised they need to prepare a social media strategy. You are not alone. Many companies continue to struggle with the success and increasing dominance of social media and are now realising this is not a passing fad but actually something they need to integrate into their marketing mix. There are some… Continue reading


Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 6 Innovation


Innovation is a key ingredient to the longevity of a successful company. Times change, people’s behaviour changes, our needs and desires also change, and innovation is the answer to keeping fresh and having products and services that will be in demand. Without innovation, products become stale and obsolete, and the demand for your products and… Continue reading


Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 5 Customer Experience


Social media is all about the ‘customer experience’. The better the experience the greater the success of your company. Social media’s impact on your customer is immediate, and when executed correctly will lead to additional benefits to your organisation such as brand health, better sentiment, cost savings and increased revenue. When setting up and managing… Continue reading


Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 4 Operational Efficiency


When asked to prioritize their business objective using Altimeter’s Social Media Measurement Compass marketers are quick to select their primary goals as engagement, advocacy and increased revenue without consideration to the ways in which social media can improve operational efficiency. We all want our organisation to run a smoothly as possible and fine tune so… Continue reading


Six Key Aspects of Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 3 Marketing Optimisation


Effective social and inbound marketing should begin with aligning core business goals with activities and channels to demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment). If you are a Director of Sales or the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) marketing optimisation is of no consequence. You will no doubt be clamouring for increased revenue whilst your customer service team… Continue reading


Four Essential Elements For a Social Business (The Pillars of Governance)

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As more and more companies are turning to social media to optimize online conversations, real time feedback and better customer engagement, it is essential to get foundations and footings in place that protect the reputation of the business. In the very nature of social, the voice and interpretation of company messages are no longer left… Continue reading


12 inspiring #JRLoveHolidays Summer Snaps Photo Entries


From Aspen to Hawaii a flurry of Australian and New Zealand Instagrammers told us where they love to go on holidays and shared creative photos with their hands making the heart shape during our summer snaps competition we’ve affectionately named #JRLoveHolidays. There were many notable entries so here is an overview of the most inspiring… Continue reading


JR/DutyFree turn to Instagram and Weibo to drive social engagement


Since it’s sale to Facebook for $1 billion dollars in cash and stock, Instagram has become the biggest social sharing platform for photos and become an outright social network for those who like to perv. Instagram was initially referred to as ‘voyeuristic folly’ by cynics in it’s early phases of popularity, but has come into… Continue reading


Holiday Marketing Tips for Facebook

this image appears on http://www.mightymediagroup.com.au and is attributed to © Subbotina Anna and purchased from Fotolia. Mighty media group are an inbound marketing agency specializing in Facebook marketing.

Tis the season to be jolly, and for retailers, time to make hay whilst the proverbial sun is shining. As the days of November count down to Hanukkah and Christmas gift buying is going to go into overdrive. If you don’t have a clear campaign for boosting online sales this holiday season, don’t fret, we… Continue reading


Customer Service: The Heart of Social Business

This is a photo of Robert Carbone. Robert is an employee of Alpha Flight Guru and assists Mighty Media Group in arrange travel for Stephenie Rodriguez.

In my honest opinion, effective customer service is always going to be at the heart of any successful social business. A company can deploy robust CRMs, create mobile loyalty programs that integrate with mobile wallets, implement Ipads in airports for brand play and ordering, and build 300 screen social command centres that look sexy on… Continue reading


Success through Social, Digital and Mobile! Shop till you drop in GUAM!

Guam Louis Vuitton

Earlier this month I flew to Guam with my CEO, Stephenie Rodriguez, to attend the 9th ACI Asia-Pacific Small and Emerging Airports Seminar. Our company was invited to present and facilitate a workshop on how to harness the power of social and digital media within airports.


80 Rules of Social Media You Need to Heed

This is the 80 Rules of Social Media placed by Mighty Media Group

Social media marketing is evolving. In 2009, there were no rules, just experiments. In 2013, Jeremy Waite published his list of 80 Rules of Social Media that we thought was pretty damn clever. 


Caffe Ritazza embraces Social Media (with the help of Mighty Media Group)


Caffe Ritazza is one of the strongest brands in the SSP International (The Food Travel Experts) stable and on May 3, 2012 will whip the lid off their Summer Drinks promotion with a little help from us here at Mighty Media Group. This initiative was officially announced in a press release by SSP International at… Continue reading


Has Content Marketing Killed Social Media?


 “Social media is so five years ago. Content marketing is king, and engagement is the order of the day.” Yes. I said it. If you can relate to that sentence you probably shouldn’t read this blog.  It’s interesting to watch marketing laggards now giving credence to the voice of the people.  Conversations taking place on-line are… Continue reading


Social Media a Hot Topic at the Trinity Forum (2012)


If you happen to have been in the Grand Hyatt in Seoul today, you were probably attending the Moodie Report’s premiere event – The Trinity Forum. Never heard of it? You probably wouldn’t unless you are in the C-suite of the three major stakeholders in the airport commercial business – landlords, retailers and brand owners. The Trinity… Continue reading


Blue Note: What to do with Trolls, Detractors & Bozos


Whether or not you are actively engaging in social marketing in an owned capacity (www.yourname.com) or on free popular social networks such as Twitter or Facebook Fan Page you are part of an online community around your brand, product or service. If you are actively observing this behavior and you have never experienced a troll, detractor… Continue reading


Take Aways: The #QantasLuxury Fail at 30,000ft

There has never been quite a social media campaign go wrong in Australia than the #QantasLuxury campaign on Twitter. This story demonstrated that activations that do not align conversations with the immediate goals of organisation across their line of business can do a brand more harm than good. For a case study close to home… Continue reading


Review: Connect Now Conference (@luciesydney)


I was an attendee the Connect Now conference last week, Sydney April 7th to 9th and I really wanted to share my feelings about it as it has completely changed my perception of social network. I knew from the day I signed up on Facebook that it will changed my web habits but I couldn’t even imagine… Continue reading