China is one of the largest countries in the world, with the Chinese population reaching nearly 1.4 billion in 2014. Imagine having a steady market in this country… knowing how Chinese Social Network Marketing works is essential in getting, keeping and growing your market in China. Including China in your target market demands that you learn their ways, their culture and their people.



What can Chinese Social Network Marketing do?

Through Renren, Weibo, SinaWeibo and TencentQzone – Chinese Social Networks equal to Facebook and Twitter – you can market your brand by posts, blogs, videos and let your current consumers share them to your prospects. They also have Youku & Tudou – equivalent to YouTube –post videos or brand testimonials from current Chinese-speaking customers and lure other Chinese viewers and prospective consumers over.


With Chinese Social Network Marketing, getting your prospects and retaining your current Chinese consumers to continue patronizing your brands or services in China or even all throughout the world, is as easy as sharing a post in Facebook, a tweet on Twitter or a video on YouTube.


With the Mighty Media Group’s innovative and strategic marketing management strategies and media tool kits, we reach your target consumers in China and all over the world. Deliver a high quality traffic to your website, optimise your efforts and maximise the use of Chinese Social Network Marketing on your business marketing campaigns. Connect with your Chinese consumers and target market through their own Chinese Social Network and internet capable devices. Since Chinese businessmen are particular with the connections a certain brand has, MMG can help you and your brand connect with the right people for the business. Let your brand be known within your target market, gain their trust, generate more leads and widen your reach in China.


BE LIKED and BE POPULAR in one of the largest countries in the world. increase your target range, increase your potential and increase your profit. Reach China and penetrate through the Chinese Social Media and dominate Chinese Social Network Campaigns – bridge gaps between countries, cultures and languages – because with MMG, you communicate with the world.