“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – @dougkessler

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Content Marketing will make you sexier.

Content marketing is not just another marketing buzzword. In 2016, it is a necessary and foundational element for brand storytelling. Every brand, company and product has a story. How well are you telling yours today?

Our statement above is bold, but we stand by it.

Leveraging the reach and scale of the internet, and the various mediums of content publishing, you can now look, sound and communicate far better than you could five years ago.

Content marketing isn’t just for consumer brands. According to Forbes.com 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as a part of their overall strategy, however, less that 33% actually have a fully fledged content marketing strategy in place. Would you bake a cake without a recipe just because you could guess the ingredients? Probably not. Content marketing, like cake making, requires the right blend of intelligence, entertainment, and distribution for it to be delicious.

Content marketing done well should do more than make you look better and smarter than your competition. It will increase your performance and ranking in search. Who doesn’t love more love from Google, and better SEO?  At the end of 2015, Forbes.com also reported that more than 75% of B2B marketers are doubling down and investing more in content strategy. If you aren’t, your competition is.

The Revolution of content marketing has begun…the audience is now in charge!

Content Marketing done poorly, it can make your company look sloppy and silly.  The secret to success is to create a balance between focusing on your customers needs and delivering compelling content that is appealing enough to generate inquiries.

As an integrated digital agency we at Mighty Media Group with over 15 years of storytelling expertise are well positioned to assist you.

Whilst we won’t reveal our 11 herbs and spices that make up our proprietary story-telling tactics, we do disclose that we’ve got some of the most powerful tools in our shed, including the enterprise social media marketing and publishing platform Spredfast. (And if it’s good enough for the NBA, The Four Seasons Hotels, Lilly, and the NFL, it’s good enough for us!)

Taking all the essentials of content marketing to heart, we’re fully equipped to design and develop cloud-based applications and solutions that foster engagement and reduce new customer acquisition costs.

Start getting the attention of new customers, reach a wider range of potential markets, generate a consistent stream of new leads and keep your current audience active and interested in your brand, company and products through regular and effective content marketing.

Let us help you align your content marketing activities to KPIs and equip you to deliver results. Click here for a free, no-obligation discussion.