From Conversation to Commerce: How to Move your Audience. Did Curiosity really kill the Cat?


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Did curiosity really kill the cat?  If the ‘said’ cat is anything like the black bundle of purring fur sleeping on my mouse mat as I write this blog, then it is a no!  But like most cats, mine included, they dive into anything and everything, always looking out for the next ‘thing’ that moves. So too, we as an audience can’t help ourselves when faced with intrigue, or when our curiosity it peaked.  We are always on the look out for something new.  Curiosity is one of the big movers in any audience to find out more, to seek, or to look at new products. If marketed correctly, what then follows is the desire to have or to make a purchase.  However, in order to attract your audience, you have to create the curiosity in the first place.

CuriosityBut how do you create this curiosity? As a business owner you are passionate about your product and/or service and you most likely believe you have the ‘must have’ product or service.  However in order for your product or service to be sold, your potential buyer needs to know it exists.  It is simple…  really it is… and growing your audience is key.

Start having conversations with with people wherever you are.  This is even more important for your business with its online presence.  Tell your story, make it interesting and evoke curiosity. How and why are you and your product here?  Talk about other topics that could resonate with your potential buyers. It is ok to be off topic and to be funny, so long as it resonates with your potential buyers who you want as your audience. Ask intriguing questions aims at your potential buyers problems, which then leads to the solution being your product or service, and watch as your audience not only grows but also the desire to have your product or service.

Be constant with your 2 or 3 social channels and start to share stories, customers’ experiences, answer questions, create remarkable content and engage. This is the key to growing your audience. Resolve curiosity with desire and solve your audience’s problem or need.

There is no doubt that curiosity can lead to greater interest and desire. It is this overflowing curiosity that will bring a greater audience which, if your messaging is pitched correctly, will evoke desire in your product or service. This results in bringing you closer to your end goal – bringing more customers further down your sale funnel.

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Peta MattschossPeta Mattschoss is a content creator and community manager with Mighty Media Group. Peta continues to follow best practice and seeks out new and cutting edge Social Media and online applications to help businesses and individuals be seen and talked about through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare, to name a few.


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