How To Create Better B2B Content Marketing (5 Tips)

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Every wonders how to be more effective at B2B content marketing? This post is for you.


This post if for anyone who wished their brand could be as cool as NIKE or wish they could market their customer service prowess as good as ZAPPOS! (Zappos sold their online shoe company for $1B dollars to Amazon because their people love what they do and deliver.) The good news is that you can!

Tip 1: Appreciate the commercial value of the work you will put into content marketing.

B2B Content marketing delivers three times more leads than traditional marketing per dollar spent. It can help you cultivate brand loyalty. 70% of B2B customers feel closer to a company after engaging with it’s content. Content marketing is also cost effective for business to business focussed companies. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing AND delivers higher quality leads.

Tip 2: Fish Where the Fish Are!

Make content accessible where your prospects are congregating online. Eighty percent of people skip television ads, forty-four percent ignore direct mail that is not highly personalised and ninety-one percent of email users unsubscribe to emails sent to them by companies.

Tip 3: Master the Art of Storytelling.

Mitigate risk of brand squatting or hijacking by owning your own true and authentic voice on line. Foster companies memes and legends to create mystery, intimacy and sensuality around your brand. Deliver high quality content that will resonate with key audience segments.

Tip 4: Know Your Customer!

Create personas for each of your customer segments. Underpin your personas with real time lead tracking (We can help you!) to determine what content is resonating and what your online prospects are most interested in.

Tip 5.  Give them what they want!

Like the words to the famous Natalie Merchant song, help your customer see your content as a means of solving their problem by offering something meaninful. Give your brand a sensory audit and define how your sound, smells, taste and feel online. Ensure your on and offline behaviour is consistent. Aim to be that guy, girl or company that is sure to catch your prospect’s eye.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be boring!

Use rich media to bring your data and messages to life like we just did in the making of this video. Contact us for a no obligation free consultation on how we can help you create memorable marketing. Share this if you feel it!


About the Author

Stephenie Rodriguezstephenie rodriguez is the CEO of the Mighty Media Group a digital agency specialising in digital marketing strategy in Australia founded Mighty Media Group, a leading data-driven digital, mobile and social marketing strategy and solutions firm, in 2004 and is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer. She is also the former publisher of Ocean Drive Magazine (Australia), a speaker and futurist on all aspects of social technology, an evangelist of engagement, and has advised companies including SSP – The Food Travel Experts, Club Med Asia Pacific,  Austereo, JR/DutyFree, Radar Group of Companies, Transfield, Allied Mills, Income Solutions, and Bayer (Berocca), Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and the UN FAO. You’re likely to find her Tweeting here @digitalgodess or present at events such as #SXSWi, #TFWA, #TedxSydney and #SocialBiz.



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