Global Insider is the first title released by our digital publishing division. Digital publishing is the most recent additional to the content marketing mix with the distribution of books, newspapers and other media to online consumers through a tablet, smartphone, and other e-readers. The medium of digital publishing creates a means for eloquent storytelling where social media leaves the conversation short and allows brands and marketers to offer a mixed format including videos, text, and social interaction.


Publishing to iTunes and Google Play newsstands puts your business in front of millions of iTunes account holders who daily search for information, entertainment and offers.  Digital publishing is cost effective and presents a lower cost per lead opportunity.


When a reader subscribes to your publication, this creates a digital handshake between your marketing and their tablet or mobile device.


Within digital magazines, we can drive engagement including polls, forms and rich media content. According to a recent survey, 67% of those who read digital magazines are interested in buying products and services they have been for which the publication educates. Further, digital publication readers will take the next click directly from an advertisement in the digital publication because of the immediacy and convenience the medium offers. (Source: *ORC Caravan May 2013)


With our knowledge and mastery in digital publishing, we offer a turnkey solution to elegant content marketing including production, story development, promotion, and technical integration.


We can have your title on the digital newsstands in under 90 days. Ask us how to make digital publishing a reality for your business. Click here.


See for yourself: To download Oakwood Asia Pacific Hotels digital publication Global Insider produced by Mighty Media Group, click here.


To download Global Insider (a business travel-centric digital publication) from Google Play, click here.