Digital Onboarding

Our digital onboarding process delivers seamless integration between your website, social media channels,  and blogs. Let us ensure your marketing campaigns work together to deliver real ROI.


In Australia, our team across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria, Queensland, West Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory have been assisting B2B companies, government agencies, and travel retail businesses with digital onboarding. Our suite of services holistically utilise digital, mobile, social media channels and the capabilities of cloud computing to align assets, resources, competencies and purpose with business objectives in order to demonstrate ROI of your investment in time, talent or technology.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience developing and implementing a myriad of inbound and outbound projects co-created within the rapidly evolving state of marketing best practices, the introduction and uptake of mobile and smart devices, and the development of measurement tools wherein ROI can more accurately be tracked with transparency and accuracy.

As part of our Transformation Division, our Digital Onboarding team quickly gets to the heart of your business and help you to develop a blueprint for digital, mobile, social media and cloud based success.

Within this discipline, we assist you in the following ways:

First we identify your critical business goals and offer you ROI-driven solutions, determine if your business and website are truly digital sales enabled, and develop recommendations and a strategy designed to move the needle with your customers and ultimately grow your business in the ecosystem of the connected consumer.

Through the CIMA process look at the state of now, and engage social listening, and review your current SEO. We ensure that your digital presence – your web domain,  web applications,  internal communication channels,  brick and mortar businesses (where applicable),  blog, social media footprint and email marketing campaigns – are congruent and work together to become your most dynamic salesperson. Our hybrid client-centric talent teams bring both communication and technology to the project to ensure that great tactics deliver long term commercial success.

Starting with our Success Blueprint inspired by Altimeter Analysts Charlene Li, we align key activities with critical business initiatives and meticulously work through the sales funnel to identify where you might be experiencing dead ends and leakage.

We then work with you to execute the CIMA Recommendation to not only ensure these goals are being being achieved with the least amount of risk or reputation error. Digital Onboarding is a critical step that ensure that C-Suite decision makers support and resource the project. We provide expert professional advice and leadership to see your business succeed and deliver innovation.

Our Transformation team deliver Digital Onboarding and articulate new revenue opportunities in ‘sales enablement’  making use of digital, mobile, social and cloud based solutions and further implement those inbound marketing solutions that will deliver you a significant competitive advantage.

Digital Onboarding includes:
• SEO Reviews
• CIMA Audits
• Social Listening
• Optify Keywords
• Digital Productisation
• Social Media Policy
• Social Media Training
• Setting up social media assets