Digital Publishing to iTunes & GooglePlay a Reality

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Digital Publishing Services launched at Mighty Media Group November 20, 2014, Sydney Australia.  Digital Publishing  is now an opportunity for businesses to reach connected consumers on mobile devices as Mighty Media Group  announced today it’s offering of Digital Publishing services to Google Play and IOS newsstands with the launch of Global Insider – a digital magazine created for Oakwood Asia Pacific Limited.
Under the newly created Digital Publishing division, MMG will develop and deliver content for tablets, iPads and smartphones as a direct response to consumers’ desire for engagement and information on the iTunes and Google Play newsstands.
An ORC Caravan study articulating that 67% of those who read digital magazines are interested in buying those products or services after interacting with native advertising indicates this move is timely.
After pioneering lifestyle media as a print category in Australia with Ocean Drive Australia (2001), this service is a natural extension of the digital, mobile and social media technologies, marketing and communication solutions MMG presently deliver for its global customer base in travel, duty free and related businesses including Club Med ESAP and JR/DutyFree.
Developed collaboratively the marketing team of Oakwood Asia Pacific Ltd, Global Insider will offer its readers a rich media interface and lifestyle content that celebrates travel, life, success, and wellbeing, released in both English and Chinese versions and marketed to approximately 170,000 frequent hotel guests as well as be free to download.
To lead the project and manage the growing demand, Libby Hill, formerly of CityNews magazines has been appointed Group Editor in Chief.
“We’re delighted with the first issue of Global Insider as well as the opportunity that digital publishing to iTunes and Google Play newsstands bring to our clients’ online marketing mix. Connected consumers want to be entertained and educated.
Digital publishing provides a powerful vehicle for both storytelling and measuring the efficacy of content marketing,” said Stephenie Rodriguez, CEO of Mighty Media Group.
Managing Director of Oakwood Asia Pacific Limited Dean Schreiber remarked of this ground-breaking initiative, “With Global Insider, we’re aiming to give you back time … while we are not able to go beyond dimensions to increase your physical time, we put the contents into your mobile apps, at your fingertips for access at any moment. Take time off your hectic schedule to savour moments of leisure and celebrate life, success, travel and happiness with us.”
For more information on digital publishing or Global Insider for Oakwood Asia Pacific Ltd please contact Stephenie Rodriguez on +61416089000.

For further information please contact:

Stephenie Rodriguez

CEO – Mighty Media Group Pty Ltd




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Founded in 2004, Mighty Media Group is a digital, mobile and social media communication and technology firm with offices and teams in Australia, Paris and London. MMG develops and deploys strategy and solutions that help its clients including Allied Mills, Club Med ESAP, SSP – The Food Travel Experts, and Oakwood Asia Pacific Ltd increase revenue, improve customer experience, foster innovation and improve marketing efficacy. With a bespoke portfolio of travel centric clients, Mighty Media Group is an award-winning agency in the travel and travel retail space innovating the way brands and businesses positively disrupt travellers incorporating emerging and future technologies such as iBeacon and mobile content solutions to meet the demands of the connected consumer.


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Oakwood®, an Oakwood Worldwide® brand, operates a portfolio of 27 properties in 15 cities across eight countries and territories in Asia, with ongoing developments in strategic locations across the region. The Oakwood brand in Asia offers three product tiers: Premier, Residence and Apartments, each designed for a different lifestyle. Oakwood Premier caters to travellers who seek luxury and style, combining impressive apartments with amenities and services of luxury hotels. Oakwood Residence offers spacious and elegant apartments that capture all the comforts of home, while Oakwood Apartments provide chic accommodation with modern essentials.

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