Digital Strategy is about creating the blueprint for which to achieve online success. “Build it, and the will come” only works in the movies. Social Media (and every other aspect of online marketing) is a “built it”, nurture it, engage them, and them may come & stay," according to the author and thought leader Seth Godin.

To ensure you meet your goals our approach with digital strategy starts with our CIMA Audit Process and delivering a Strategic Recommendations Report that allows you to appreciate where you presently are and what your true opportunity could be. 

We help team and stakeholders define and determine potential outcomes and deliverables for our clients brands, products, and services. With a 360 degree review and a deep dive experience we take stock of all aspects of a brand, and break this information down by location, age, and value.    We evaluate a brand's social signal online. We review how campaigns and brand messages resonate with target stakeholders by conducting in depth social listening studies. We review perceptions around the brand. We review engagement and virality to determine how connected audiences are and what they are likely to share. We help our clients understand brand equity and identify key stakeholder segments.