Get Inspired: Does Your Team Deliver Happiness?


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MMG would like to tweet from the rooftops how delighted and honored we are to be a part of the ground breaking and inspiring movement in corporate culture that is sweeping the globe, Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness.” Due to the ingenious writings and methodology of this accomplished, admirable and spirited individual who heads up one of the worlds largest and most successful online companies, happiness is being delivered all over the world, one to one and one to many. MMG’s inspired story written by the Digital Godess, Stephenie Rodriguez, incapulates this and thus has been published on the official book website, an inspired space.

Tony Hsieh Delivering Happiness

In the world of SM the objective is the reach of one to many, and with a morning starting with a 9am Ustream and spent making a v-blog which was posted on Amazon and You Tube and the creation of Ustream and, articulating the values of a positive corporate culture by putting our undertakings on record, and making conscious demonstrations of what we intended and committed to do as we proceed to grow our company, a lot of of happiness had been delivered well before morning tea! Of course then the rest if the day was followed by a hell of a lot of Tweeting.

Though MMG’s professional success is of the reach to the many through the mighty web, in the world of Digital and Social Media, the power of the one to one is still valued. That afternoon (in between tweets), the team took the time to brainstorm and discuss how we could improve our internal dialogues with one another to ensure that we are working together and WoW-ing those whose lives we touch. We came up with our what we believe will become our brand values and it was based on what we synchronized today in our participation in the process. We resonated that it is the journey and being happy in the process to celebrate the wins and each other. Then at the end of the we were WoW-ed each with a pair of shoes, Fendi rubber elegant t-strap sandals with the gold emblem for the mature 26 year old French Masters Degree Grad and sparkly platform stilettos for the 19 year old intern who is passionate about her life and opportunity. Mighty Media Group CEo, @DigitalGodess got down on one knee and proposed us to ourselves, giving the shoes to commemorate this day, the Official Happiness Day, so that we remembered no matter where we go that Happiness is a journey and attainable around each experience and interaction.

We are grateful to have been inspired, grateful to inspire and grateful that we could share our story as an inspiration to others who want to make a difference in each others lives and in the lives of others be it by touch or tweet.


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