A distinguished performance track-record enabling leading financial services firms.

 The Financial Service industry, whilst highly regulated is no less exempt from the benefits of leveraging digital, mobile and social media with cloud capabilities to maximise reach, consumer engagement, and the big data that online conversations and behaviour can provide.

 Mighty Media Group has a distinguished performance track-record for assisting and enabling leading financial services firms and companies that assist them with strategy development, governance and risk mitigation, online reputation management and lead nurturing.

 In the past, we have assisted Lincoln Indicators with a web site development brief aligning web capabilities with sales goals and lead nurturing opportunities. We are plugging in expertise, technology and rich insights into the behaviour of their potential customers to deliver higher quality web traffic, increase high quality leads, and shorten the conversion path. Once implemented this strategy will increase revenue, create better segmentation in their messaging, encourage loyalty and advocacy as well as gather and mine behavioural data.

 We have worked with ASX listed companies to develop Pillars of Governance and create Centre of Excellence teams with social media policy development, protocols and implemented social listening suites to monitor online reputation and shareholder sentiment.