Mighty Media Group is a boutique agency specialising in all things social, digital and mobile. We  love what we do and have digital marketing strategy in our DNA. We are an integrated melting pot of marketing wizards, technology and data specialists, analysts, social media marketers, content creators, graphic designers and strategic planners that make up our client centric hybrid talent teams. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and therefore begin each client relationship with a briefing process so that we can help align business goals and outcomes with marketing activities and consumer touch points. Our focus is on ROI.

We offer a full suite of end to end digital, mobile and social media services to help you attract high quality visitors to your website, convert traffic into high quality leads, secure new customers and then further engage customers for continued loyalty, advocacy and future revenue. We live, breath and offer the following services:


1. Listening

Have you ever heard of the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” That wise old expression is especially true when it comes to social, digital and mobile. Before diving into writing your strategies and embarking on transformation, it is well worth the effort to take a step back, look at your business in 360, and determine where you want to be. Mighty Media Group has assisted many companies, from large multinationals to smaller boutique organisations, with their initial planning and scoping, by bringing a inquisitive yet structured approach to this important stage. We would generally explore the reasons why social will be important to your business, determine some of your goals, investigate best channels, discuss the types of content that would best suit and how this will impact and consider ROI and how to measure success.

2. Planning


Listening to conversations about your company and your competitors is an essential tool for social success. It allows you to gain new insights about your company, customers and competitors and will enable you to make strategic decisions based on real time analysis. Mighty Media Group offers a range of solutions to keep you ahead of the game. We can assist our clients with defining the framework to market, listen, learn and discover.
We can assist our clients with defining how social will help their organisation by understanding their organisational and functional goals. These include but are not limited to:

3. Transformation

Once you and your organisation have a clear vision of the Why, What and Where, it is now up to the HOW. The HOW is how to change and improve your business. Social, digital and mobile is not a “do and run” project, rather to have real social success, genuine transformation needs to occur to integrate more effective digital communication across all areas of your organisation. We specialise in transformation by assisting our clients in framing a roadmap for social media transformation which includes the preparation of strategies for engagement and then implementation. The areas we traditionally focus on include:
We can work with you to create your social media strategies, and then enable the strategies by defining the people, processes, tools, policies and the content needed to implement.

4. Web Application, Web Development and SEO

At Mighty Media Group we have brilliant creative people in house and have partnered with some of the best technical specialists in the business so that we can help you get the tools you need, working the way you want. As more of your potential customers will search for you on a mobile device or tablet, a mobile friendly website is now a business imperative. One of your best tools for inbound marketing and sales enablement is your website. Making sure your website is sales enabled and customer centric, and is configured with the right calls to action is something often missed. Often you will need an app or community management forum implemented and we can make it happen. When it comes to promoting your various initiatives with specific goals in mind, we can help you manage your digital advertising to ensure ROI. The areas covered in our creation and building area are:
We offer end to end website, app and community forum design, build and management and an SEO service to ensure traffic to your website. We offer a Sales Ready Website Health Check – a recommendation on how we can improve sales performance for your business, product or service, ensure it’s mobile friendly and help you create digital advertising campaigns with measurable ROI. More information on our web development division can be found here.

5. Engagement

In order to have social success and build your brand through social media, trust and credibility are of the utmost importance. If you were to ask ten marketers what they were trying to create through social networks, at least nine would reply, without hesitation ENGAGEMENT. We offer a range of services on a outsourced or collaboration basis to help you and your team hit home runs and turn conversations into commerce. Some of the engagement services we offer are:
The power of engagement cannot be understated as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand and digital communication is the best platform to facilitate this. It’s immediate, it’s accessible – it’s where your audience is already congregating. With over ten years experience in digital marketing we’re specialists in engagement and are here to assist you and your team to get the results you need.

6. Support & Training

Part of ensuring social success is empowering and up-skilling your team.  We recognise the importance of internal champions and have training and mentoring programs available to both marketing teams, C-Suite stakeholders, and strategic business units. From social crisis training to community cultivation our team of expert trainers can tailor social marketing day courses or modules to scale. The areas we focus on with our support and training include:
By partnering you – our client – and providing effective training and support when you need it, we give you the skills and confidence needed for social success and the confidence required to use social channels appropriately mitigating risk.

7. Analysis and Measurement

If you are going to spend time and energy investing in your social media presence, you must integrate analysis and measurement into your workflow so you can track and steer where you are heading, as well as measure your ROI.  We recognise the importance of measurement and analysis and have both the technology and know-how to assist you and your team access in-depth measurement across your ‘owned’ and ‘earned’ social media. This will enable you and your organisation to measure the impact of your efforts and effectively benchmark  with competitors.
Some of the areas we focus on would include: