Mighty Media Group work as a cooperative of the brightest minds in social enabling technology.

We are a blend of marketing and social marketing leaders, strategic thinkers, technology experts, project managers and data specialists – who love what we do.

We have content specialists and copywriters who are passionate about the development and provision of video, photography, podcasts and written text, with a distinct focus on social media. Our  all-star community managers, strategists and technical teams thrive on delivering RIO and value.

Featured members include:




Stephenie Rodriguez
Chief Enabling Officer (CEO)

Founder | Chief Enabling Officer  

Stephenie has a digital career spanning three continents and over 22 years. A serial entrepreneur, global citizen and travel industry executive, she has more than 2.5 years spent at 30,000ft, has more than 52 counties stamped in her passport and nine years in hotel rooms. She knows and understands the travel vertical.

She portfolio of clients includes JR/DutyFree, Club Med ESAP, Oakwood Asia Pacific Hotels, Austereo, Bayer, SSP – The Food Travel Experts, Sydney International Airport, Accolade Wines (Hardys), JPD Media (Jamie Durie), Cebu Pacific Air, LS Travel Retail (Changi Airport), Wonderful Pistachios, FINE - Noble Elegance Holdings, The Office of the Ombudsman of the Northern Territory Government, The Royal Darwin Hospital, Advanced Lifestyle International, The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, and FIFA World Cup.

She was named Digital Disruptor of the Year by the Moodie Davitt Report in February 2017.

Lucie Sellier
Social Media Manager

Lucie Sellier has been a part of the Mighty Media Group global talent team since 2010. Based in Paris and South East Asia, Lucie provides digital leadership across multiple disciplines including business development, community planning and coordination, disruptive marketing campaigns, web development and SEO. Her projects have included in region leadership of the SSP – The Food Travel Experts Caffe Ritazza project which won three Moodie Awards in 2013. Lucie brings significant market relevance to our clients with her experience working with Accor Hotels in Paris leading their social media.   

Josh Mulrine
Director of Visual Storytelling

Josh Mulrine is an accomplished videographer, editor and producer. Visual storytelling is truly in his DNA, as his father is a renown Australian photographer and video journalist. Joshua and his father own Digital Content Studios in Australia, where our client's work undergoes specialist care and development. Josh's work includes mini-documentaries, political commentaries, and professional storytelling for top-tier accounting firms, manufacturing, and the arts.  Josh cites his favourite work as the project he completed for JOZU For WOMEN and their VIP TRAVEL SUMMIT where he was able to shoot on location in Jamaica. He captured local beaches, hotels, wellness tourism and how women travel safer in the Caribbean.  

Eileen Cai
Community Manager

Eileen is currently working together with the team at Mighty Media Group to create value for businesses utilizing her skills in English and Chinese. She enjoys taking on new challenges and learning new things, and in the moments in between, she is engaging in food blogging and photography. In the past she has engaged in a variety of extracurricular leadership and team building activities, including writing articles for the UNSW Bizzness magazine.

Jesreen Sidhu
Content Editor

Jesreen joined Mighty Media Group as a Marketing Consultant coordinating growth in our Hong Kong office. She is multidisciplinary, and her sphere has expanded to leading our editorial teams for publications including Global Insider for Oakwood Asia Hotels, JAUNTE Magazine for JOZU FOR WOMEN, and is a dynamic part of our Experiential Marketing team.

She has a passion for helping brands to engage in meaningful conversations with their customers, advocates and key influences, all of which can assist in creating brand awareness, retain existing customers and generate sales. Like most of the MMG team she is a bit of foodie, also likes modern art and design, and enjoys video editing.

Jesreen curates social media content for JOZU for WOMEN across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Vedha Nayak
Graphic Designer

Senior Visual Creative executive Vedha Nayak is Mighty Media Group’s MVP in the visual creative department. She works with the strategy team and community managers to make our clients' stories come to life in rich media. With a recent Masters Degree in Digital Design, Vedha incorporates best practice visual planning whilst helping translate marketing messages and client briefs into meaningful and disruptive engagement points.  Vedha's portfolio includes social media campaign designs for JR/DutyFree, Club Med ESAP, and she is the senior visual creative inside our digital publishing division on the Global Insider title for Oakwood Asia Pacific Hotels.