Review: Connect Now Conference (@luciesydney)


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I was an attendee the Connect Now conference last week, Sydney April 7th to 9th and I really wanted to share my feelings about it as it has completely changed my perception of social network.

I knew from the day I signed up on Facebook that it will changed my web habits but I couldn’t even imagine that it will get THIS impact on business and this “control” on my everyday life.

It becomes difficult for me to be far from Internet for more than 2 days; otherwise, I feel that I’m missing something.

Following the tips of Darren Rowse (aka @problogger) – “You are what you blog: be natural” – a memory just pop up to my mind when I’m thinking about communication in his vast meaning. It remembered me last July when I was in Indonesia, working as a volunteer in a small village, far from everything (phone, internet, newspapers); strangest ever feeling for a city girl like me who read the newspaper everyday, can’t live without her laptop neither her phone. But well, so I was in Indonesia, and for the first few days, I thought I was on another dimension where communication doesn’t have the same meaning that it has for western people. But after afterwards, I felt much better, fully adapted to my new “non-technology” environment, even thinking about quitting what I would call now the “reality”. And then, on July 19th, I heard through the bush telegraph crossing over the country that there had massive bomb attacks in Jakarta. Two days! Two days to realize that once again the bad fight against the good, two days to know that people have been killed in these attacks. It was a revelation; I knew this day that I would never want to live this again: be unaware of what happen in the world. Here was my first impression of how communication is fundamental.

But back on the real topic of this blog: the Connect Now conference and how it has changed my social network opinion for good.

Before the conference, I made some researches about the speakers prior to fully understand their opinion and be aware of what was their “specialities”.

I had previously watched a video of Hauman Chow (aka @Motherapp), the leader of the mobile phones apps market and so, I knew that I was in front of someone who really knows what he is doing. As I’m not an iPhone user, I have to admit that I didn’t always understand everything of his speech as it was quite technical but at least now, I know that my first purchase, when I’ll be landed to France will be an iPhone (or
a Blackberry), to bridge the gap from web to mobile phone.

I was also really looking forward to hear Gary Vaynerchuck (aka @garyvee) and Brian Solis (aka @briansolis) who are incontestably the masters of social media. I heard so much about them that the conference just shows me the evidence. Both of them are amazing, they know how to captivate an audience and make people participate. Communicate, connect and collaborate.

The last but not the least that I want to talk about is Darren Rowse (aka @problogger) who also taught me a lot. I got inspired by his speech and his advice; he makes blogging easy, anyone can do it – “People are connecting because they want to belong somewhere”.

All the speakers brought something different but in an amazing way. For that, I’m really grateful to Stephenie Rodriguez for allowing me to attendee and grateful to Berocca for giving me the strength and greater concentration…… (dream of an orange one right now :) ).

I was a “Facebooker”, I’m now a Twitter addict, what will come next?

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