Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement: The ability to sell your product, information or knowledge in a digital format.


Sales enablement isn’t just for online marketers anymore. Airlines are doing it, Rode Microphones has done it, and frankly, so should you.  It is no wonder that more and more businesses in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and West Australia have been reaching out to us as to help them understand their opportunity and create dynamic ways to increase their online revenue. Some companies come to us create an e-commerce based website, like this fresh and engaging online shopping experience we created for Pepe’s Paperie. This is just the tip of the income iceberg.

According to a GigOm study, the volume of sales of digital products and services is set to soar over $36b this year. The question we help our customers answers is how much of that anticipated volume can they appreciate by creating a digital product offer. Each day your customers seek solutions to their immediate challenges. Businesses who create information products related to their core business are well positioned to experience an uptake in sales through what is referred to as ancillary revenue.

Still wondering what sales enablement might look like for your business? What if your business manufactured bread additives or milled flour? (One of our customers actually does!) As a B2B business, their marketing is discreet and advertising non-existent. This company however has a state of the art test kitchen and trained bakers on staff. A digital publication on the top recipes for gluten free baking, or inspirations for holiday tables using a new product they are milling would be an easy item to produce (a bi-product of the recipes and items they bake as part of their innovation days for their clients.) A mobile application celebrating ways to use their additives and offering video recipes, expert tips and shortcuts would be well appreciated by small bakery owners, hobbyists, and could easily sell for $3.95 on ITunes  or distributed as a premium with purchase or across social media channels. Coupons could be imbedded into these digital products and further link the marketing to direct and new revenue streams.

Sales enablement isn’t just for Martha Stewart (although her Egg Decoration application is pretty special). Talk to our talented sales enabling team about how we can help you uncover your saleable information, help you package it for the digital goods world, and increase your online sales through effective content marketing.

Some of the area that are covered within sales enablement include:
• Lead Nurturing Campaigns
• Social CRM Technology to manage and nurture leads
• Sales Enabled Landing Pages
• Web Redesign and E-commerce enabling
• Infographics and sales collateral
• Explainer Videos
• Digital Productisation