Six Key Aspects to Inbound Marketing ROI: Part 6 Innovation


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Innovation is a key ingredient to the longevity of a successful company. Times change, people’s behaviour changes, our needs and desires also change, and innovation is the answer to keeping fresh and having products and services that will be in demand. Without innovation, products become stale and obsolete, and the demand for your products and service deteriorates.

Social media can play a solid part in assisting you remain on trend by listening to feedback and ideas from the social web.  There is genuine opportunity in social data, enough to make social listening a permanent part in your company’s innovation strategy. The goal here is to listen using social analytics tools such as Nuvi, and listen and respond to product and client feedback, which will contribute to your product and/or service innovation.

Measurement of social media impact on innovation would be to collect data on:

* Opportunities and Threats – Becoming aware of potential opportunities or threats will enable you and your team to plan and be ready for action;
* Idea Resonance – Which ideas gain the most traction with your audience? What are you customers asking for? What are the most popular ideas?
* Idea Impact – What is the impact on the idea and the effect time has on the idea?

Collecting these metrics will assist with new product identification and service innovation. It will allow you to understand what people are engaging with, spotting the new trends and gaining competitor intelligence.  If collected and acted upon, this data will be the essence of your innovation moving forward.

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