Three B2B Content Marketing Trends You Needs to Watch!

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Digital is finally getting its due and the competition in the B2B sector has never been more fierce. B2B Content Marketing managers are scrambling to retain eyeballs and mind share in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. In addition, business consumers are becoming much more savvy and demanding more from companies than the same old tired marketing campaigns and sales ploys.


To be successful today with online B2B marketing, you have to keep ahead of the current trends. Consider the following:

1. Content (marketing) is still king.

More than 82 percent of B2B marketers say they intend to ramp up their B2B content marketing in the next 12 months, according to a June, 2013 study by Everything Technology Marketing. However, anyone who has marketed their product online for any period of time knows that just any content won’t do. One savvy approach is to offer your knowledge for free, either by managing a blog or publishing a series of white papers. That helps you to be recognized as an authority in your field, which will foster trust. Business consumers will turn to you for advice when they need a product in your industry.

2. Look beyond Facebook.

Although it’s difficult to ignore the fact that Facebook has more than one billion registered users, there are more than 400 other social media sites on the Web. Many of these are niche sites, such as The Library Thing for book lovers, and The Flipping Pad for real estate investors. There are also up-and-coming sites, like Pinterest, that appeal to a specific demographic (in this case women of a certain age.) LinkedIn is another site that is widely used by professionals, both as a networking site and as a way to sell products and services to other businesses. If you’re not taking advantage of these smaller social media sites, you’re missing a great opportunity. Slideshare and YouTube are amongst two of the most advantageous platforms to syndicate B2B content to, and whilst they do require an understanding of the technical nuances using them, offer significant benefits for SEO and new customer acquisition.

3. Mobile is the First Screen.

Nearly 40 percent of Americans’ Internet time is spent via a mobile device, according to a recent study by Comscore.   If your content isn’t optimized for such devices, you’re automatically losing 40 percent of your potential customers.

Whilst creativity is something perceived for “fun” brands like Mars and Zappos!, rich media formats allow for B2B Marketers to put remote controls in the hands of their customers and engage them in much more meaningful ways. Mobile applications that solve particular business problems incorporated with gamification can both delight your customers and deliver right insights through the extraction of data supplied by customers through conducting a series of exercises inside these applications. Ultimately, your prospects want to either save time or money. If you can show them how you can convey either of those points through digital marketing activities, you’re well positioned to remain relevant in an ever increasingly noisy marketplace where few are prepared. As a B2B content Marketer, give your marketing a litmus test. “Is this piece of content clearly demonstrating to Persona A how we can save them time or money?” This exercise will also deliver greater marketing optimization for your organization.

If you need help with a B2B Content Marketing initiative, we’re here to help you save time and money. Contact us here.

Written by Stephenie Rodriguez – CEO, Mighty Media Group

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