Top Tips on How to Manage B2B Content Marketing Writers Block


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B2B Content Marketers have the challenge to create regular and meaningful stuff that will educate or inform their prospects and take them further down the sales funnel however the ability to spin their stories can sometimes be challenged for a plethora of reasons.

Ever sat down to write an article that is powerful, meaningful and oh so worth a RT and just went blank? You aren’t alone.

Writers block can be caused by information overload as the more we know the more we feel compelled to share. Paring information down into digestible pieces that someone a little less exposed to our product or service can easily digest can be an arduous task. In B2B Content Marketing, we tend to want to share all the merits of how awesome we are and wind up with something that feels like War & Peace.

Tip: Start with an outline and use as few words as possible to cite a buyer challenge, examples, solutions and next steps.

Using this formula will help you work logically through your structure. If writing has you bored, think of how you can tell your story using rich media. Can you sequentially show the process you wish to display in images? If so, create a Pinterest Board and share it with your B2B Community and Groups on LinkedIn. Better yet, make some screen grabs of your work and create a simple voice over image video and host it on YouTube. Video is singularly one of the most powerful marketing tools there is.

Here is a great infographic published by the smart folks at Copyblogger Media on this subject that we were compelled to share.



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