video marketing is a service offered by Mighty Media Group and an essential part of content marketing.

Video marketing has become the newest and best way for brands and companies both B2B and B2C to tell their stories as web video viewing has moved from recreational to mainstream. With online video views set to reach 1.5 billion in 2016 according to Cisco, isn’t it time you considered video marketing a part of your content marketing playbook?

Three reasons why video marketing is essential:

  • Only 24% of brands are presently using video marketing (This is a golden opportunity to gain a competitive advantage) Source: Kantar Media
  • In 2016, 55% of all internet traffic will be watching online video  (Will they be engaging with your brand and products or your competitors?)
  • Websites with video rank 53% higher in search and land on the first page of Google (Massive organic SEO implications!)

Whether your business be duty free stores in Dubai or doughnuts in Denver, we know that every brand has a unique and compelling value proposition and video allows web searchers and video viewers to self educate and move through the buy journey of awareness to interest effortlessly.

There are various forms of video marketing related to buy stages that you should consider for your business.

For those in the awareness phrase, we create short light weight “explainer” videos just giving a top line about who you are and what services you offer.  During the engagement phrase short how to videos related to actual product or service usage and short helpful tips and insights help establish credibility and subject matter expertise. This drives desire!

At the consideration phase pre-purchase, product comparison videos explaining features and benefits vs competitor products help your customers move towards purchase fully aware of why your product is the right one for their needs.

Finally, post product how tos, FAQs and of course Thank You’s are also important parts of the video marketing success recipe.

We offer a full suite of affordable video marketing service and can help design a video marketing plan bespoke tailored to your business’s customers and your USP. Click here to request more information.