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Visual Storytelling – A picture is worth a thousand words…to me actually, it is more like a million.

I was reading a brilliant book recently ‘The Power of Visual Storytelling’ by Ekaterina Walter which I received as a gift and was lucky enough to have signed to me by Ekaterina “Data + Visual + AWESOME”. It got me thinking about how we as a culture have changed with regards to sharing our experiences and how visual storytelling is the way to get noticed! If you want a great read and some practical advice on how to do it right – I suggest you grab a copy. I found it inspirational.

As I said earlier, it got me thinking….. and reflecting…..

In the “olden days”, before the invention of camera phones and social media sharing apps such as Instagram whenever I was out walking or just sitting admiring the view that’s really all I was doing…walking or admiring the view. These days, however, armed with my trusty smart phone I am constantly on the lookout for photo opportunities. Once captured I can jazz up my picture with a few carefully selected filters, click, and share images with the world. The image is then showcased in my follower’s Instagram streams or Facebook Page and invites them to engage with me by commenting, liking or sharing. The is the essence of visual storytelling. Jamie Oliver, a “celebrity chef”, understands visual storeytelling and with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram has embraced the power of photos to market the Jamie Oliver brand.

Jamie Oliver


Not surprisingly, the better the photo the more it drives engagement. At my Easter lunch over the weekend, I watched my partner take ordinary and average photos and give them that “zing” factor. On the left is the original of our easter bunny table place setting… on the right the “filtered” version. There are a plethora of free and paid apps that allow you to be a photo editor “guru”, in real time, and on your smartphone.

Bunnies before and after

The Age of Visual Culture

We now live in the age of the “camera in everyone’s pocket”. With 5.2 billion mobile phones on the planet for a population of 4.3 billion users (yes, some people have multiple phones), 83% of all phones have cameras, we are all becoming visual storytellers whether we realise it or not!

WITH such an enormous number of camera phones in use we are entering a new dynamic era around image creation and content according to Bob Lisbon from Luminate. Bob explains that this can be broken into three phases as we enter the age of visual culture and language.

Phase One: Massive increase in photo creation

Phase Two: The Rise of Image Centric Social Networks

With photographic images becoming the “universal language” it is no surprise to anyone that the fastest growing social media networks are Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Phase Three: Images become Interactive

Pinterest is one of the first platforms that allows you to interact with static images and Luminate’s image apps (which are used by more than 100 million consumers ) is also an example.

What’s In It for Me?

So now I hear you asking yourself “How and why should you use images in my business communications, marketing, posts and social networks? How can I become a better Visual Storyteller?”

Well consider the following: If you have an online store, issue press releases or even just have a Facebook business “page”, then here are 6 reasons to publish images and photos as part of your business marketing tactics.

Stats infographic 1

Stats infographic 2

So if you have an online store you need to include high definition images to drive higher engagement and sales. If your business issues press releases then include images with your article and finally, ensuring that you include high quality photographs as an important part of your social media marketing strategy, rather than just text and links, will improve engagement rates.

What could you do better?

For more information on anything in relation to social, digital or mobile – or for some advice or assistance with your social media strategy, visual storytelling or how to measure, feel free to contact us at Mighty Media Group for a no obligation chat about how we can help you.

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