Vodka School – What Is The Story?


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The best stories are those that come from an authentic place.

As part of a discovery, we created a passion project titled Vodka School where we took an entertaining and light-hearted approach to all things Vodka from destinations to flavor profiles and packaging.

Episode 1 was a basic introduction to Vodka, it’s origins, best practice for tasting and some insight on temperatures. It was shot just in our office. The video content has sadly been removed.

Episode 2 was filmed on location at the Caviar House at Sydney International Airport on location with two cameras and an iPhone (rather low tech.) but demonstrates the improve ease that consumers can become v

Episode 3 was also filmed at the Caviar House. This is a spontaneous consumer study of  customer feedback on the Caviar House menu as a random guest decided to join in the conversation and the had his own gastronomic experience. (The pairing of flavoured vodkas with caviar), the perception of fine food in airports, and of course, the sampling. 

If you have a product that you would like vetted or a destination you would like to share at  Vodka School, please contact us at We do it for love.

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