While web design provides a professional and creative look to your website, web development makes your website functional. If you are searching for a web development agency for your business, you'll have no shortage of options.
With the rise of open source technologies including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, the cost of web development has significantly decreased since Mighty Media Group opened its doors. When considering what basic platform is best for your business, think first about your audience and how they are likely to search for you. Will they be using a desktop computer, mobile/smartphone or tablet - or hopefully all of the above.

The rise of mobile technology and the way that consumers are now searching and browsing the internet on IPhones and tablets is a growing trend. In order to offer your web visitors a meaningful experience a sustainable website should render in responsive design.

Good web development is more than just pretty or functional.  If you aspire to rank organically on search engines like Google and Bing, it is important to build a search engine optimized website that is attractive to web crawlers.  
Pages need to be easily indexed and cataloged to make it easier for search engines to read the indexing while humans enjoy the visuals. Links, placed throughout your website, make it much easier to keep visitors on your pages.  

The Mighty Media Group specialises in web development and create websites that deliver on core business goals, helping companies communicate more effectively with employees, customers and stakeholders.
More than just a digital white page listing, our websites are customer-facing rich media sales tools equipped with dynamic media content, interactive touch points and landing pages.

We're more than a web development shop as we feel that the technology we build and create is merely an enabler to drive marketing strategy. We're thrilled to offer a full suite of digital marketing services and solutions to drive visitors to your website and deliver real-time conversions.

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