YouTube campaigns are no longer just for big brands and cat lovers. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and a powerful platform for video storytelling. In it’s own right, YouTube is a social media platform consisting of a dynamic community of film makers and their audiences sharing and commenting on a plethora of topics from religion to how to change a tire, literally. A publishing platform that is utterly snackable (you just can't consume one!), YouTube is the perfect medium for increasing in organic search engine results with the help of experts in SEO and video content production.

What makes YouTube campaigns so interesting is the opportunity to tell a deeper more meaningful story appealing to multiple senses where tone and inflection are specific and brand differentiators. Free-to-air like television, YouTube attracts audience to can view, share, comment and like the creations of others.

Want your corporate video to go ‘viral’? Think again! YouTube is a peer driven success platform wherein video clips become VIRAL after being liked and shared by their viewers on different social media platforms. If you are an emerging brand or a B2B startup and your videos don’t contain something organically audacious or incredibly intersting, we can help you develop a storyline that creates something worth sharing. In the war for audience attention online, a solid storytelling stategy is critical.  Those companies whose videos garner thousands of views, comments and appear on the front page of YouTube due so by having an integrated video marketing campaign strategy aligned with social syndication.

Our video marketing, content marketing experts and robust toolset can help you understand the key success factors of marketing through mobile video and empower you to optimise the reach and scale of YouTube, Vimeo, Google Hangouts, UStream and other rich media channels. By adding video marketing to your mix, you'll be able to effectively measure how your message is resonating. In videos you can deliver unique offer and  clear calls to action and achieve higher conversion rates. Video is truly where engagement leads to commerce with clarity and transparency. Video marketing campaigns can bring more attention to your products and services and take brand communication to a whole new dimension.

Talk to us about how we can create video and YouTube campaigns to give your marketing the rocket fuel it needs to succeed.